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Mark Hartman

Mark Hartman

If you have a question or concern about a safety or security issue, please feel free to contact me. I usually work the evening shift and am happy to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. I have accumulated volumes of information over my career relating to law enforcement topics, emergency management, crisis response, security, and many other issues. Most of the questions I get are things that students saw or experienced with law enforcement or they have campus safety related questions for a class project. I am here to help.

Title: Public Safety Sergeant

Office: Riggs 208

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Professional Information: I am certified by Response Options as an A.L.I.C.E. instructor. This is an active shooter intervention program similar to "Run. Hide. Fight.". I am also the person in our department responsible for maintaining our breath alcohol instrument. This involves following the standards and administrative laws that are used by law enforcement agencies throughout the state. I was a deputy sheriff prior to this position and was a police cadet prior to that and during high school. I became a POST certified law enforcement officer in 2002.

Job Responsibilities: I am here to serve the students, staff, and faculty of Evangel University. That can be anything from checking on an inanimate object to going toe-to-toe with someone who threatens to interfere with the mission of EU. Most of the time, it merely involves answering a request for serivce (open a door, jump start a car, etc.). Our office also oversees life/safety equipment on campus and has responsibilities relating to emergency management and crisis response.

Started Work: September 2008

Personal Information: I am married and have two kids. I enjoy photography, finance (tax planning, investing, corporate leadership, churning credit cards), modern firearms, mowing, BBQ, reading, and learning.

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