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Dr. William Cook

Dr. William Cook

I spent many years at Sandia National Laboratories where I led R&D projects and served in senior management positions in the CIO office, Defense Programs, Remote Sensing and Verification, International Security, and Information Operations.

This work required the integration of multiple scientific and engineering disciplines to solve real-world engineering problems for national security. My projects ranged from physics-based modeling and analysis to automated knowledge discovery and advanced decision support. I have built and delivered computer systems that incorporate physics phenomenology, modeling of physical systems, remote sensing, telecommunications, command and control, and information security. I have worked on a variety of national security problems including nuclear nonproliferation, international safeguards, treaty verification, nuclear material disposition, cyber security, and others.

Science and Technology give us insight into and control over the physical world. I am excited to work with our students to get ready to create the world of the future, to prepare them for a world that is more (ir)rational than Christian, and to help them understand the many ways they can make a difference.

By the way, science and math are FUN!

Title: Associate Professor

Office: ZM 312D

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Professional Information: B. A. University of Missouri
M.A. Mathematics, University of Missouri
M.S. Chemistry, University of New Mexico (distinction) (computational biophysical chemistry: photosynthetic energy transfer)
M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of New Mexico (digital signal processing)
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of New Mexico (distinction) (computational biophysical chemistry: condensed-phase quantum dynamics)
Phi Beta Kappa

Job Responsibilities: Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science

Org Memberships: Association for Computing Machinery

Started Work: I previously taught mathematics at Evangel 1985-87.

Originally From: House Springs, MO

Personal Information:
I have been married to my beautiful wife, Beth, since 1976. (We were married very young!) We had 5 children and a variety of dogs. (Are dogs really part of the family?)

I was saved at a young age (Baptist!) and have been active in the Assemblies of God since college.

I have had many hobbies over the years, but perhaps the most interesting are that I am an amateur radio operator and I pretend to play classic guitar. The latter just to show that old dogs can learn new tricks.

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