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Jonathan LeCureux, Ph.D.

Jonathan LeCureux, Ph.D.


Jonathan LeCureux has a Ph.D. in Microbiology from Colorado State University and a B.S. in Biology from Calvin College. He also received a Certificate of Graduate Teaching from Colorado State University’s Institute for Learning and Teaching.

Prior to graduate school he was employed as a research technician at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, and performed summer research projects at both University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine.

His research has revolved around HIV, particularly HIV vaccines, and currently involves the use of probiotic bacteria as vaccine vectors. He has always been passionate about teaching, and has worked as an instructor at both Colorado State University and Front Range Community College. He is married with three children.

Title: Assistant Professor of Biology

Office: ZM312F

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Professional Information:
 B.S. Biology, Biochemistry minor, Calvin College
 Ph.D. Microbiology, Colorado State University
 Graduate Teaching Certificate, Colorado State University Institute for Learning and Teaching

Org Memberships:
 National Association of Biology Teachers
 American Society for Microbiology
 National Science Teachers Association
 American Association for the Advancement of Science
 International Society for Vaccines
 International Society for Infectious Diseases

Courses Taught:
 GSCI100- University Seminar for Biology Majors
 BIOL202- Botany with Lab
 BIOL235- Microbiology for Health Sciences with Lab
 BIOL335- Microbiology with Lab
 BIOL338- Molecular and Classical Genetics with Lab
 BIOL440- Immunology
 BIOL448- Virology
 CHEM375- Biochemistry with Lab Previous:
 BIOL202- Botany with Lab

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 LeCureux J, Dean G. (2018) Lactobacillus Mucosal Vaccine Vectors: Immune Responses Against Bacterial and Viral Antigens. mSphere. DOI: 10.1128/mSphere.00061-18

 LeCureux J, McLean, J, Zabel M, Schenkel A. (2016) MIP 343 Immunology Laboratory Manual. Spring 2016. 10th Edition. Colorado State University

 Veselinovic M, Yang KH, LeCureux J, Sykes C, Remling-Mulder L, Kashuba AD, Akkina R. (2014) HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis: mucosal tissue drug distribution of RT inhibitor Tenofovir and entry inhibitor Maraviroc in a humanized mouse model. Virology. 464-465:253-63

 Palmer BE, Neff CP, LeCureux J, Ehler A, Dsouza M, Remling-Mulder L, Korman AJ, Fontenot AP, Akkina R. (2013) In vivo blockade of the PD-1 receptor suppresses HIV-1 viral loads and improves CD4+ T cell levels in humanized mice. Journal of Immunology. 1;190(1):211-9

 Yin J, Dai A, LeCureux J, Arango T, Kutzler MA, Yan J, Lewis MG, Montefiore D, Weiner DB, Boyer JD. (2011) Protection against SHIV by Induced Neutralizing Antibody and Cellular Responses Following DNA Vaccines Delivered by Electroporation. J Med Primatol. Conference Presentation

 Yin J, Dai A, LeCureux J, Arango T, Kutzler MA, Yan J, Lewis MG, Khan A, Sardesai NY, Montefiore D, Ruprecht R, Weiner DB, Boyer JD. (2011) High antibody and cellular responses induced to HIV-1 clade C envelope following DNA vaccines delivered by electroporation. Vaccine. 9;29(39):6763-70

 Yin J, Dai A, Shen A, LeCureux J, Lewis MG, Boyer JD. (2010) Viral reservoir is suppressed but not eliminated by CD8 vaccine specific lymphocytes. Vaccine. 23;28(8):1924-31

 Yin J, Belisle SE, LeCureux J, Dai A, Yan J, Lewis MG, Arango T, Palermo RE, Katze MG, Weiner DB, Boyer JD. (2010) Defining a Vaccine Immune Response using the Systems Biology Approach. AIDS Vaccine. Conference Paper

 Yin J, Dai A, Kutzler MA, Shen A, LeCureux J, Lewis MG, Waldmann T, Weiner DB, Boyer JD. (2008) Sustained suppression of SHIV89.6P replication in macaques by vaccine-induced CD8+ memory T cells. AIDS. 12;22(14):1739-48

Started Work: Fall 2017

Originally From: Saginaw, MI

Personal Information:
 I have three cute kiddos and a beautiful wife.
 I love playing guitar, electric and acoustic.
 I like reading sci-fi, especially space operas.

Swimming fish

Top 5 Strengths:

Personal Page: http://jslecureux.wixsite.com/immunerd/

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