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Joseph Bruening

Joseph Bruening

Title: Public Safety Officer

Office: Riggs 208

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Professional Information: Worked as a student officer with Public Safety while attending Evangel classes from March 2017 to July 2018. Also, I am the Security Director at Freedom City Church here in Springfield.

Job Responsibilities: Unlock/ Lock doors for classes, students and faculty members.
Patrol campus and off campus properties.

Org Memberships: Criminal Justice Club and Spanish Club

Started Work: July 23, 2018

Favorite Thing About Work: The Public Safety family and interacting with students.

Was an Evangel Student: 2015- 2019 B.S. in Criminal Justice at EU

Favorite Memory as a Student: 1. Having the opportunity to live in Lewis Hall with all my friends.
2. Shooting top gun in Roger Moore's Handgun Instruction Class.

Originally From: Milwaukee, WI

Personal Information: I love being outdoors, traveling, eating food, spending time with family.
I have built 2 foxbody mustangs and enjoy working on a classic 1988 S15 Jimmy.

Other: Top 5 Strengths:

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