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Dr. Robert H. Spence

Dr. Robert H. Spence

Welcome to Evangel University!

This site is intended to provide an introduction to an exciting and challenging place of Christ-centered learning.

Evangel University maintains a deep commitment to excellence in every aspect of university life.

As you access the various pages on our site, you will gain a glimpse into some of the activities and opportunities available to an Evangel University student.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping our students fulfill their God-given potential. Most important of all, we want our students to know the Truth.

We invite you to visit our campus and learn more about the advantages of an Evangel education.

Title: President

Office: President's Office

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Professional Information:
Doctor of Divinity, Southeastern College
Master of Arts, University of Alabama
Bachelor of Science, University of Alabama

Job Responsibilities: Campus-wide leadership

Started Work: May 1, 1974

Favorite Thing About Work: The opportunity to work with students

Originally From: Montgomery, AL

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