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Andrew Breault

Andrew Breault

You can reach me at (417)865-2815 ext. 7239
or (417)987-1004

Title: Duplicating Coordinator

Office: Riggs Hall Suite 101

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Job Responsibilities: Basically all of the paper on campus comes through my office. My main responsibility is to serve the evangel faculty, staff, and students with all of their paper needs. Whether it is delivering a box of paper to a department, duplicating a multiple page document, or folding letters for mailing, I am here to be of service.

Started Work: May 26, 2009

Favorite Thing About Work: I love the fact that I can get up in the morning and be excited about going to work. I have worked for a couple of places in the past where it got to the point that I was dreading going to work so it is so refreshing to be working in the EU community.

Was an Evangel Student: Evangel University 2006-2010

Favorite Memory as a Student: My favorite memories as a traditional student at EU are pretty much all in the Communications department. It was not uncommon to pull all-nighters working on short films or other projects and putting the finishing touches on a DVD about 10 minutes before it was due in class. The best part was that you were never alone. There was always at least 5 or 6 other die-hard students that wouldn't leave the studio till their projects were the best they could make them.

As a Professional Studies student my favorite memory is how much our cohort was like a family. We were always looking out for each other and just cheering each other on when things were tough. When we were in a class that is particularly difficult for one or two students everyone else is behind them saying "come on, it is only five weeks, you can make it," or "only two weeks left, hang in there man." It is just great when you have 8 to 10 other people that are there to cheer you on and you know that everyone is in this together and we're not going to leave anyone behind.

Originally From: Escanaba, MI

Personal Information: I am a photographer/Videographer at heart and you can view my work at www.facebook.com/AndrewBreaultVisuals

I love to fly RC helicopters, Quadcopters and Octacopters, but my favorite "hobby" is playing with my three beautiful boys. We love playgrounds, legos, cars, and xbox... oh, and reading. :)

Personal Page: http://www.facebook.com/audiowarrior

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