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Dr. Michael D. McCorcle

Dr. Michael D. McCorcle

In 1995, God provided one the greatest blessings I have ever experienced - the opportunity to combine my commitments to my Christian faith with my professional aspirations. Prior to my career at Evangel, I had spent fifteen years as an educator and researcher in a highly technical environment. In following the Lord’s leading back to Springfield, I was immediately moved by the Christian integrity of the Evangel faculty and was overwhelmed by the pleasure of teaching the Evangel students. Evangel University has been a glorious experience that, God-willing, I will pursue for the remainder of my career. I am deeply committed to the mission of Evangel University and count it an honor to contribute to the development of both current and future Evangel students. There is no other task that could provide more enjoyment for me than teaching a science class at Evangel.

Chairman, Department of Science and Technology
Professor of Physics and Meteorology

Ph.D., M.S., Meteorology, University of Utah
B.S. Atmospheric Science, University of California

Office: Zimmerman 312A

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Professional Information:
Dr. Michael D. McCorcle has more than 35 years of experience as an educator and researcher in the fields of computational physics and atmospheric science. He is a published expert in mesoscale meteorology, boundary layer meteorology, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, air pollution meteorology, Earth system modeling, biometeorology and numerical weather prediction.
While a member of the faculty of Iowa State University, he served as principal investigator for nine competitive grants and contracts, directed the research of many graduate students, and taught four courses in biometeorology, biophysical ecology, microclimatology, and numerical weather predication. Dr. McCorcle joined Science Applications International Corporation in McLean, VA as a Senior Research Scientist. Here he directed a number of projects involved with the simulation of atmospheric processes, including the development of a meso-scale climate change assessment for the US Forest Service, the development of an advanced forecasting system for Shuttle Operations at the NASA/Kennedy Space Center, and the development and validation of the EPA air quality modeling system, Models-3. In 1995, Dr. McCorcle was provided an opportunity to return home as a faculty member of Evangel University. While at Evangel he has taught courses in general physics, engineering physics, upper-division engineering courses, physical chemistry, ecology, and the general science courses – meteorology, geology, and physical science.

Job Responsibilities:
Graduate Council 1998-Present
Academic Council 1997-99, 2000-present
Faculty Affairs Committee 2002-2008
Lilly Endowment Proposal Committee 2002-2003
Education Technology Committee, 1997-Present; Chair – 1997-2001
Campus Planning Council, 2001- Present
Information Technology Steering Committee, 1999-2001
Graduate School Development Committee 1997-1998
EU Launch Team, 2007 - present, Chair,

Org Memberships: American Meteorological Society
American Chemical Society
Ecological Scoiety of America

Courses Taught:
GSCI 112 Meteorology
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I
CHEM 112 General Chemistry II
GSCI 111 Geology
GSCI 115 Physical Science
PHYS 211 General Physics I
PHYS 212 General Physics II
PHYS 411 Modern Physics
ENVR 343 Environmental Biology
ENVR 377 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 431/432 Physical Chemistry

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McCorcle, M. D., S. E. Peckham, W. E. Heilman, 1994. Assessing the Regional Component of Climate Change. Proceedings of the Twentieth Conference on Agriculture and Forest Meteorology, San Diego, CA, p.247-250.
Dunn, T.J., D.P. Bacon, P.Boris, Z. Boybeyi, Y-L Ho, M.D. McCorcle, S.E. Peckham, R.A. Sarma, S. Young, J. Zack, 1994. Developm

Started Work: January 1996

Favorite Thing About Work: I have the best job in the world! For me my job is all about the students. Teaching, mentoring, praying, laughing....sharing time with students in my office far surpasses any other professional accomplishment that I have had in the past. Teaching science classes at Evangel is the most fulfilling and joyful adventure of my life.

Was an Evangel Student: 1976-1978

Favorite Memory as a Student: Dorm Life!! Everyday was an adventure in Scott 3rd North. I don't remember sleeping very much, but I have such great memories.

Originally From: Springfield, MO

Personal Information: When I am not at work, my time is dominated with focus on one of these passions.....Family, baseball, fishing, oh, and the weather! Sitting on the boat with my wife at Table Rock Lake at dusk while listening to a Cardinals baseball game on the radio AND watching lighting on the distant horizon. It doesn't get much better than that!

CONTRACTS AND GRANTS (Principal Investigator role):
Lilly Endowment – Project ENVISON, Preproposal: Theological Exploration of Vocation; $50,000 –Final Grant: $2,000,000; 2002-07
National Science Foundation – Acquisition of Instrumentation and for a Networked Analytical Laboratory, $210,884 (Co-Investigator), 1998-2000
National Science Foundation – Advancing General Science Instruction at Evangel College, $38,000, 1997-98
NASA/Kennedy Space Center - An Advanced Forecast System for Shuttle Operations $120,000/yr, 1994-95
Environmental Protection Agency - Systems Development of Models-3: Model Modification and Validation, $500,000/yr, 1994-96
USDA-Forest Service - National Forest Service Global Change Program Grant, "North American Regional Weather Patterns in a Globally-Changed Environment. $100,000/yr., 1992-95.
Department of Defense, Defense Nuclear Agency - "Dispersal Hazard Definition: Development of the Operational Multi-scale Model with Grid Adaptivity." 1.1 million/yr, 1992-95. Agricultural Research Service (USDA) Pilot Test, "Implementation and Economic Evaluation of a Pest-Atmospheric System Model for the Corn Belt," $70,000/yr. 1989-90.
Environmental Protection Agency, "The Long-Range Transport of Agricultural Chemicals," $50,000/yr. 1989-91.
North Central Region, USDA, "Variables in Agricultural Weather Information Systems," $25,000/yr. 1989-90.
Iowa State University Computation Center Research Grant, "Mesoscale Modeling of Nonclassical Circulations in the Central United States," $120,000, 1989-90.
High Plains Regional Climate Center, Lincoln, NE, "Iowa Microclimate and Soil Moisture Project," $30,000/yr. 1987-90.
Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Project, "Low-level Atmospheric Circulations and the Agricultural Environment of the Central United States," $10,000/yr. 1986-90.
Iowa State University, Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Project, "Evaluation of Iowa Precipitation Patterns, Their Relationship to Larger-Scale Meteorological Phenomena, and Their Predictability with and without Global Climate Change," Variable funding, 1989-90.
USDA Competitive Grant, "Prediction of Pest Distribution in the Corn Belt: A Biometeorological System," $36,000, 1987-89.
Iowa State University Computation Center Block Grant, "Meteorological Prediction of Pest Distribution in the Corn Belt," $27,000, 1987-88.

Top 5 Strengths:

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