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Dr. Wave Nunnally

Dr. Wave Nunnally

Thanks for taking time to visit the Evangel webpage and my little corner of it. I trust you will find what you need here to make your decision about where to pursue preparation for the area of service to which God has called you. If not, please feel free to call or email us at the contact points provided within the webpage. We'd be happy to hear from you!

Title: Professor of Early Judaism and Christian Origins

Office: AGTS - 210

Email Dr. Wave Nunnally

Professional Information: BA in Biblical Studies, Mississippi College ('78);
MA in Hebrew Language, Institute of Holy Land Studies (Jerusalem, '83);
MA in OT Studies and Hebrew, Reformed Theological Seminary ('86);
MPhil in Hebraic and Cognate Studies, Hebrew Union College ('91);
PhD in Hebraic and Cognate Studies, Hebrew Union College ('92).

I came to Evangel in 2002 and began teaching at the college level in 1992. Before teaching career, served as associate pastor for 4 years.

Job Responsibilities: Teach general education and specialized courses in the Department of Theology, advise students, participate in various committees on campus, instruct the Israel/Jordan/Egypt Study Trip Program.

Org Memberships: Society of Biblical Literature
Hebrew Union College Graduate School Alumni Association

Courses Taught: Essential Christianity, New Testament Literature, Acts, Synoptic Gospels, Old Testament Literature, Historical Books, Geography of Israel, The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament, Survey of Intertestamental History and Literature, Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament, Elementary Hebrew, Intermediate Hebrew, Post-biblical Hebrew, Essential Christianity and the Human Services, Themes of the Old Testament, Themes of the New Testament, on-site instruction in Israel/Jordan/Egypt for EU and for the Center for Holy Lands Studies.

Publications: “Bow Hunting as an Act of Worship: With All Your Might, As Unto the Lord, and To the Glory of God,” in God, Nimrod, and the World: Exploring Christian Perspectives on Sport Hunting, Sports & Religion Series, Bracy V. Hill II and John B. White, eds., Macon, GA: Mercer University Press, forthcoming Nov. 1, 2017.
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“Bringing Context to the Familiar Phrase, ‘The Light of the World,’ Part Two.” PE NEWS, September, 2017, forthcoming.
“Jesus and the Law of Moses: the Woman Caught in Adultery.” PE NEWS, April 28, 2017. (https://penews.org/features/jesus-and-the-law-of-moses-the-woman-caught-in-adultery).
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“Jesus in the Grainfields, Part 1: The Challenge of the Pharisees in Context.” PE NEWS, February 28, 2017. (https://penews.org/features/jesus-in-the-grainfields-part-1-the-challenge-of-the-pharisees-in-context)
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Started Work: Fall, 2002

Favorite Thing About Work: Subjects I teach, students, colleagues, the sense of real community, the support I receive here to research/write/publish, and the atmosphere at this Christian liberal arts university. I am especially attracted to the key principles that guide this school: to provide help to students in developing their own biblically informed worldview, that everyone is of equal status in the eyes of God and "called" by God to something (what the Reformers called "The priesthood of Every Believer"), the uniting of intellectual and spritual growth (the integration of faith and learning, in fulfillment of Jesus' command to love God with all our heart, soul, and MIND--Matt. 22:37), and encouragement to excellence in one's chosen profession to more effectively serve God and mankind and build a more effective witness. I LOVE our school's motto: "BOLDLY Christian. UNQUESTIONABLY academic"!

Was an Evangel Student: none

Favorite Memory as a Student: N/A

Originally From: Richmond, VA

Personal Information: Married to my wife Lacey in 1978, two adult children, four grandchildren. Teach Sunday School at 9:00am in the Fusion Center at Central Assembly--see http://www.centralfaithbuilders.com for podcasts, articles, studies, etc. For more content, see www.isitinthebible.com and http://enrichmentjournal.ag.org/. Hobbies: weightlifting, archery.

Other: Have lived, studied, and taught in Israel since 1982.

Personal Page: www.centralfaithbuilders.com

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