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Jason Streubel

Jason Streubel

Welcome to Science! I look forward to a great semester of learning and getting to know each other a little better, some for 6 hours on Monday night and others on a MWF. The key to success in my class is trying your best, asking questions, and open communication. A few students have said I am an easy A...I would say yes but I will also let you earn a D!

Title: Associate Professor

Office: Zimmerman 312E or Convoy of Hope Warehouse

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Professional Information: BA: Church Ministries:Missions Northwest University
BA: Environmental Science Northwest University
MS: Agricultural Washington State University
PhD: Soil Science Washington State University

Job Responsibilities: I currently oversee the agricultural development division of Convoy of Hope which correlates with my teaching duties here at Evangel University.

Org Memberships: Ordained Assembly of God Minister
Soil Science Society of America
Crop Society of America
American Society of Agronomy
Marathon Maniacs #1475

Courses Taught: Biology
Environmental Science
Physical Science
Geology Human Ant and Biology Microbiology Environmental Chemistry

Publications: J.D. Streubel, H.P. Collins, J. Tarara, and R.L Cochran. 2011. Biochar produced from anaerobically-digested fiber reduces phosphorus in dairy lagoons. Journal of Environmental Quality (Accepted)
J.D. Streubel, H.P. Collins, M. Garcia-Perez, J. Tarara, D, Granatstein and C.E. Kruger. 2011. Influence of Biochar on Soil pH, Water Holding Capacity, Nitrogen and Carbon Dynamics. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 75 doi:10.2136/sssaj2010.0325
Ippolito, J.A., Lentz, R.D., Novak, J.M., Spokas, K.A., Collins, H.P., Streubel, J. 2011. Biochar Usage: Pros and Cons. Western Nutrient Management Conference Proceedings. 9:93-98.
H.P. Collins, J.D. Streubel, A.K. Alva, C. Frear, S. Chen, S.F. Fransen, C. Kruger and D. Granatstein. 2011. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from an Irrigated Silt Loam Soil Amended with Anaerobic Digested Dairy Manure. SSSJA (In Press)
Laird D.A., Rogovska N.P., Garcia-Perez M, Collins H.P., Streubel J.D., Smith M : Chapter 16 : Pyrolysis and Biochar Opportunities for Distributed Production and Soil Quality Enhancement. In : Sustainable Alternative Fuel Feedstock Opportunities, Challenges and Roadmaps for Six U.S. Regions. Proceedings of the Sustainable Feedstocks for Advanced Biofuels Workshop. Edited by Ross Braun, 2011, Doug Karlen and Dewayne Johnson.
S. L. Young, F. J. Pierce, J. D. Streubel, and H. P. Collins Performance of Solid-State Sensors for Continuous, Real-Time Measurement of Soil CO2 Concentrations. Agronomy Journal, Nov. 101(6): 1417 - 1420.

Started Work: 2011

Favorite Thing About Work: Students!

Originally From: Bellingham , WA

Personal Information: I like coffee and my family. I have 3 biological kids plus 3 extras. Then there is my lovely wife, Mary....she makes me better and happy.

Other: A special note: I am a nerd.

Top 5 Strengths:

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