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Mehleena Maigi

Mehleena Maigi

Title: Social Work Program Secretary

Office: Trask 303

Email Mehleena Maigi

Professional Information: BSW- Evangel

Job Responsibilities: I get to assist some of my favorite professors everyday!

Started Work: January 2014

Favorite Thing About Work: See job responsibilities--I get to work for my favorite professors! My time at Evangel was truly a gift and I will always look back on it with a smile. The people I get the pleasure of working with are by far the most inspirational and I'm so pleased to see them every day.

Was an Evangel Student: August 2009 - May 2013

Favorite Memory as a Student: I was a Resident Assistant in Spence Hall (Spence Hall, Best Hall!) for three years. While it was the most challenging thing I have ever done, it was the most rewarding. I was also the Fashion Fever Committee Chair for a year and that was a whirlwind of "girly" fun crammed into 9 months of planning and one big event!
Being a social work major at Evangel is an experience, one I obviously loved. That is why I am back here again!
Obviously, I'm a recent graduate because I can't pick just one memory. Or I was just over involved--maybe both. Regardless, Evangel is home and I'm happy to be here again.

Originally From: Springfield, MO

Personal Information: My husband and I spend a lot our time with family and friends which is always great, especially when we play Catch Phrase. I'm so good at that game! Also, I love to knit/crochet, watch movies, and go running on trails in Springfield.

Other: Evangel is a unique place where you have the opportunity to grow and learn to think for yourself while being poured into by people who truly care about who you become. While academics are important, there is more to college than the grade you receive. I highly doubt you will ever regret staying up late because of a long talk with a friend or a random Wal-Mart run (you laugh but they happen a lot). Remember to have fun as a student, make memories, and always work hard as if you were working for the Lord.

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