Library Handbook

Staff Directory

Evangel Library Hours
Day Time
Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday Closed
IRC (Zimmerman 204)
Day Time
Monday-Friday Closed
AGTS Library Hours
Day Time
Monday-Friday 9 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday Closed

Instructional Resource Center Hours (IRC)

Zimmerman Hall #204

Fall & Spring Semesters

Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Summer 2017 School Session 1

Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. – Noon

Summer 2017 School Session 2

As needed, please contact the Library

Exceptions - Library hours are adjusted for breaks and holidays and will be posted by the doors in advance. If classes are canceled due to inclement weather, the IRC will be open if possible, although the opening time may be delayed until staff can arrive.

Telephone Contact

(417) 865-2815

Location Extension
Library 7268
Archives 7357
IRC 8239

Basic Rules

General Principles

  • Respect the right of others to quiet study.
  • Properly check out and return all materials taken from the library on or before the date due.
  • Refrain from defacing library materials or property.
  • Do not loan your ID card or borrow someone else's ID card.

Regulations and Discipline

  • Library rules and regulations are enforced as a regular policy.
  • Patrons may be given warnings for unacceptable behavior.
  • Serious offenses or repeated warnings to the same patron may be reported to the Library Director for disciplinary actions.
  • Disciplinary action may include restrictions or complete loss of library privileges.

Unauthorized Removals

  • Unauthorized removal of materials, be it a single page or several items will be treated as a serious offense. The theft or vandalism of library property or materials may be reported to the office of Student Development for further action.
  • Under Missouri Law, it is a crime to fail to return library materials or to remove materials without properly signing for them. Criminal charges may be filed when the values of the material or other circumstances warrant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get in trouble for eating and drinking in the library?
Food and drinks are allowed in the library.

Should I reshelve books or magazines?
No, please do not reshelve items, return them either to a marked shelving station or leave them lying on a table.

Is there a quiet place to study?
Yes, the south room in the circulation area and study carrels are located on the south balcony, are designated as quiet study areas.

May I use the computers in the library?
Yes and No, since it depends on what you need to do. There are fifteen computers located on the center mezzanine, and thirteen computers in the reference room, which may be used for writing papers, e-mailing, chatting, and searching the internet. In various areas of the library, there are hot spots for wireless computer users. The library uses the latest technological advances in order to meet the research and information needs of faculty, staff and students. Common activities include finding articles via online indexes or databases, as well as finding books and other in-house items. Because these computers are shared resources, students may be asked to limit time spent on these computers. Other computers are available on campus at various locations. Please see the Evangel University Computer Use Policy in the current Student Handbook.

Is there a phone I may use?
Yes, a courtesy telephone is located between the west entry doors of the main library. Patrons may not use other library phones. The library staff will not page patrons to the phone, nor take messages except in an emergency. Emergencies are defined as situations where health and welfare are a major concern.

Can you please adjust the temperature?
All areas in the library may not be evenly heated or cooled. Try to find a comfortable area without adjusting the blowers. In the colder months, the library may be cool, so bring a sweater or jacket.

Circulation Policies

Students (EU and AGTS)

  • Present your own (current) Evangel ID card or register at the circulation desk as a visitor in order to check out any materials.
  • Check out materials fifteen minutes before the library closes.
  • Books – three-week loan period, renewable two times for a total of 9 weeks with a four-day grace period. Fines still apply.
  • Students may check out a total of 20 books at one time.
  • Students may place holds for books that are currently checked out to other patrons. The number of holds is limited to 20 books.
  • The date stamped in the book is your notice of the book's due date. (Note: The due date for books renewed online is your responsibility.)
  • It is considered a serious offense to borrow for or loan materials to another patron when that patron has lost his/her own borrowing privileges.
  • Loan policies may be altered during semester breaks and the exceptions will be posted at the Circulation desk.

Faculty (EU and AGTS)

  • Present your own (current) Evangel ID card or register at the circulation desk as a visitor in order to check out any materials.
  • Check out materials fifteen minutes before the library closes.
  • All faculty members from institutions listed above without Evangel University IDs will still get a barcode sticker affixed to their faculty ID.
  • Books – four-month (120-day) loan period, nonrenewable.
  • No limit on the number of books that can be checked out.
  • Faculty may place holds for books currently checked out to other patrons.
  • Loan policies may be altered during semester breaks and the exceptions will be posted at the Circulation desk.

Alumni (AGTS and EU) and Local Ministers

  • Apply for an EU library card, which will be issued by the Director.
  • Loan period is three weeks.
  • Limited to 10 books at one time, non-renewable.

Videotapes and DVDs (EU only)

  • Up to two DVDs may be borrowed at a time.
  • Loan period is up to three days.
  • Due to copyright restrictions, DVDs borrowed from the library may not be used for public exhibitions in resident halls or elsewhere. They are for use in a private home or residence hall room only.
  • Loan policies may be altered during semester breaks and the exceptions will be posted at the Circulation desk.

Library patrons not listed above

  • Please check with Circulation Supervisor

Items already charged
Evangel patrons may place a hold on material that are already checked out. When the material becomes available, the patron will be sent a notice via voice mail and will have 48 hours to come and get the material. After 48 hours, it will be shelved and available for anyone. A student may not request a second hold on the same material. Holds cannot be applied to reserve items and videos. To place a hold either go to the circulation desk or do it yourself on the online catalog:

  • Search for the item on the online catalog
  • With the item on the screen click on the "Request" icon
  • Follow the screen boxes to place a hold. (NOTE: this process only works on items checked out)

Returning Materials

  • Return materials to the return slot in the circulation desk
  • If materials are overdue, present them to the person on duty at the circulation desk and if possible, pay the fine.
  • Do not give materials to anyone else to return for you, because you are ultimately responsible for fines and damages.

Overdue Fines

Overdue fines are not regarded as a money making scheme, but as an incentive for students to return books on time so that others may use them. A student may have his/her borrowing privileges restricted if excessive overdues or fines accrue.

  • Fines for books are $.25 per day per book. (After a four day grace period fines will accrue retroactively.)
  • Fines for overnight and three-day reserve materials are $1.00 per day.
  • Fines on DVDs are $.25 per day.
  • Fines will continue to accrue daily until the material is returned
  • Unpaid fines will be billed to a patron's account after 14 days. There is a service charge of $5.00 added each time this occurs.
  • Books are declared lost 18 days after the due date. (See Lost Materials section next)

Overdue notices or voice mail messages may be sent as a courtesy to students. It is the responsibility of the student to return library materials on time and pay the overdue fines whether or not he/she has received notice or not.

Lost and Damaged Materials

If a student loses a library book or other materials, he/she should report the loss to the person at the circulation desk.

  • The cost due is the replacement cost of the material, plus a $15 processing fee (and fine, if applicable).
  • The cost of out-of-print books will be the current market value of the book or a similar books as determined from standard library price guides.
  • The replacement cost of a lost DVD will be based on the replacement cost of the new DVD.
  • Charges that remain unpaid after two weeks will be reported to the business office and added to the patron's bill. After this occurs, if the patron returns the material, the cost of the material will be credited to the patron's account. However, fines and processing fees will be retained.
  • Patrons are responsible for returning materials in good condition and will be assessed costs for damaged materials. The amount of the cost will be set by the library staff and treated as an unpaid fine if not paid at the time the materials are returned.

Privileges at Other Libraries

The Evangel University Library is a member of the MOBIUS and AMIGOS Library consortiums. With some exceptions, Evangel students, faculty and staff may use the facilities and printed materials of the following local schools:

  • Assembly of God Theological Seminary
  • Baptist Bible College
  • College of the Ozarks
  • Drury University
  • Forest Institute of Professional Psychology
  • Missouri Southern State College
  • Missouri State University
  • Ozark Christian College
  • Ozarks Technical Community College
  • Southwest Baptist University

And all of the MOBIUS and AMIGOS affiliated libraries through the MOBIUS system.

To utilize these privileges, you will need to have a sticker for the year you are enrolled at Evangel. You can have one placed on your ID at the library circulation desk.

Abusive behavior at these libraries may lead to a reduction or loss of privileges for the entire Evangel student body. Evangel accepts the responsibility to reimburse these libraries if students do not return borrowed materials. Therefore, any debt incurred by students will be added to their account at Evangel. Any outstanding debts with other libraries may prevent registration at Evangel until cleared. All disagreements about debts or if materials have been returned will be between the student and the lending library. All the regulations of the lending library will apply and those libraries may restrict usage of materials at their discretion.


Basic Rules

  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended, as the library cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Lost and found items are kept in the library at the desk for 48 hours and then sent to the campus Lost and Found at the Security office located in the administration building.
  • If you see any unusual or questionable activity, please inform the staff immediately.

Security Gate - As you exit the building, you will pass through the security gate. If the alarm sounds, please return to the Circulation Desk for assistance. The security gate will not harm computer disks or other electronic media.

Tornado Warning - During a tornado warning, the library staff members have been trained by emergency personnel to provide the best possible protection for persons in the building. When instructed, everyone in the building must move immediately to a designated interior office. Patrons may elect to leave the building, but because of the danger of flying glass, no one will be permitted to remain in open areas of the building. Failure to obey the safety instructions of the library staff members may result in disciplinary measures.

Challenged Materials

Any library patron may challenge materials that he/she finds offensive or objectionable. Wishing to be sensitive to our community, the library staff has placed this mechanism at the disposal of the patrons who wish to state concerns.

  • A form is available at the circulation desk on which a patron may file the complaint.
  • The form gives the patron an opportunity to express all concerns about the materials that he/she may find offensive or objectionable.
  • When a complaint is made, the offending material is removed from the shelves, usually within 24 hours, pending the outcome of the review.
  • The Director and the Vice President of Academic Affairs will review the specific offending portions jointly. If warranted, the Director and Vice President may choose to confer with the department chair(s) whose field(s) the materials have relevance.
  • A full report will be made to the patron with an explanation of actions taken.
  • Any patron may request a visit with the Library Director to discuss collection policies or express concerns in lieu of filing a challenge form.