Music Listening Lab


The Music Listening Lab is located in the Barnett Fine Arts Center, Rooms 101 & 103 and includes:

  • Music history/theory reserve recordings.
  • Recital and concert recordings.
  • Hundreds of LPs and CDs.
  • Listening Facilities - 10 CD player-equipped stations, 1 phonograph, 1 cassette player, and 1 reel-to-reel.
  • 29 Computers equipped with Microsoft Office Suite, Sibelius (notation software) and Practica Musica (ear training software).

Inquiries may be directed to Dr. Michael Kolstad or Wanda Harris.


Posted on the door of the Music Lab, FA 101.

Check-Out Policies

Listening facilities and computers are available for all students, faculty and staff; however, there are different check-out policies depending on a person's student vs faculty/staff status.

  • Students may only check out scores and sheet music.
  • Faculty and staff may check out scores, sheet music and CDs (faculty and staff wishing to check out CDs can request up to three items at a time at the Klaude Kendrick Library or by sending an e-mail request with the title and call number).

Finding Materials

The Music Listening Collection is searchable from the Online Public Catalog with the exception of some scores. Also check out our other music resources, i.e. handouts and recommended websites.

Try the following if you want a score or recording as opposed to a book about music or a certain composers. (Books on music and musicians are housed in the Klaude Kendrick Library.)

Example: Finding a recording of Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony:

  1. Go to Builder Search
  2. In first box type "tchaikovsky" - "all of these" - "author name"
  3. Select "AND" then
  4. In second box type "recording" - "all of these" - "keyword anywhere"
  5. Select "AND" then
  6. In third box type "symphony no. 4" - "as a phrase" - "keyword anywhere"

These are basic instructions and can be modified, I.e. leave out steps 5 and 6 for all recordings by Tchaikovsky, or replace step 4 with "score." If you are not finding what you need ask someone, expand your search or try a different spelling or keyword.