Other Library Services

Ask a librarian

What is "Ask a librarian"?
This is a service where you may email a question to a reference librarian regarding research techniques, sources, or other information needs.

When will I hear back?
We will generally reply within twenty-four hours, unless it is the weekend or a holiday.

How will I receive my answer?
Sometimes we'll provide information immediately, and other times we may need to ask a follow-up question. We will always try to give you the source of the information we have gathered, so that you the information is reliable.


Where can I find out about library policies? For instance, how many books may I check out at a time? May I borrow books from other local libraries? Check the Library handbook.


Where is the reference department?
The reference department is the north half of the library and a professional librarian is usually available to assist you with any information need.

What is included in this collection?
General encyclopedias, subject encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, bibliographies, statistical sources, atlases and periodical indexes in print and electronic format. Reference books and journals are for use in the library only.

How do I get help?
Just ask any staff member. Go to the reference web page.


What is on reserve?
Teachers place additional reading to a required textbook on reserve at the library.

How do I access a list showing what is on Reserve?
Either go to the online catalog and select "Course Reserve" or look in the binders at the circulation desk.

Where are reserve items?
Go to the Library circulation desk for materials on reserve, as we do not have electronic reserves.

How long may I check out a reserve item?
Loan periods and policies on reserve materials vary according to instructor. Some circulate overnight, some for three days, whereas some cannot leave the library. Overnight reserves may be borrowed any time before the library closes and must be returned to the library one hour before the library closes the next day.

Suggest a purchase

If there is a particular book or an area of interest in which you believe the library should purchase materials, fill out the Material Additions request form. Although our budget is always limited, we try our best to purchase resources that will enhance student learning and the educational mission of the university.

Special services

  • Photocopiers
  • IRC
  • Fax - Students, faculty and staff may send or receive messages within the U.S. or Canada until one hour before closing. Efforts are made to insure confidentiality; however, the fax machine is located in an area open to staff and student workers.

Instructional Resource Center (IRC)


The Instructional Resource Center (IRC) is located in Zimmerman Hall - Room 204 and includes:

  • Curriculum Collection
  • Educational Technology Computer Lab
  • Media Equipment
  • Other Miscellaneous Services

The Curriculum Collection, searchable from the Online Public Catalog, consists of a variety of materials related to curriculum planning and development, lesson plans and teaching activities. The collection is designed for use by elementary and secondary education majors to support the needs of teacher education. Including: an assortment of Resource Books, Children, Junior, Youth and Big Books. Circulation is limited to Evangel University students, faculty and staff. Materials may be returned to either the main circulation desk or the IRC.


Fall & Spring Semesters

Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Summer 2017 School Session 1

Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. – Noon

Summer 2017 School Session 2

As needed, please contact the Library

Exceptions - Library hours are adjusted for breaks and holidays and will be posted by the doors in advance. If classes are canceled due to inclement weather, the IRC will be open if possible, although the opening time may be delayed until staff can arrive.

Exceptions - Library hours are adjusted during breaks, holidays and vacation periods and will be posted by the doors in advance. Also the library will be closed on weekends. If classes are canceled due to inclement weather, the IRC will be open if possible, although the opening time may be delayed until staff can arrive.


The Educational Technology Computer Lab in the IRC is designed for the use of patrons wishing to create classroom presentations. We define classroom presentations as projects that will be used as an aid for students who are presenting an audio or visual presentation to the entire class. It also serves as a lab for students in the Educational Technology classes. The computers are not intended for Internet browsing or word-processing. Available software includes PowerPoint for classroom preparation and other software for creating graphics and burning CDs.

Learn more about this lab.

Equipment Check-Out

Media equipment for academic use can be obtained through Conference Services (EMS), ext. 7981 or by coming in the IRC. Instructors and staff members should check with the IRC supervisor for available equipment and usage policies. This includes a large selection of videos and DVDs on various subjects for faculty checkout, although they are available for viewing by all patrons within the IRC itself.

Other Services

  • Color Printer
  • Classroom Video Tapes and DVDs for faculty checkout only, though students may view these in the IRC itself.
  • Ellison Die Cuts for bulletin board projects.
  • Laminating Desktop lamination using laminate pouches are charged based on pouch size;  $0.50, $0.75 or $1.00 per pouch. Lamination by the roll; charges are $0.10 per inch with a minimum charge of $1.20 and items may be dropped off to be laminated at scheduled times. Pouches are also available at varying prices per size.

Laminating Schedule

  • By appointment only.



The Archives are located on the mezzanine in the KKL and is generally open Tuesday through Thursday. Access to the Archives' materials must be arranged with the Archivists, Mrs. Shirley Shedd or Mr. Dale Jensen, the Library Director. For more information, you may also call 417-865-2815 ext. 7268.


The Evangel library houses the official university archives, including:

  • Thousands of pictures
  • Old yearbooks and student handbooks
  • Complete collection of the Lance (Evangel's student newspaper)
  • Oral history tapes and transcripts
  • Various historical and classroom documents, including syllabi and Vision, the Alumni publication

Perhaps Evangel's premiere collection is the O'Reilly Hospital Collection covering the former World War II O'Reilly Hospital, which became the home to Evangel University in 1954. This collection includes pictures of the old military barracks, hospital operating rooms, other preserved pictures, maps, oral history tapes with transcripts and other information from the time the hospital was in operation. The Assemblies of God Archives is another recommended source for information on the spiritual heritage of the university.

Explore the Collection Online

Organizational Method

Though thousands of pictures are currently being digitized, for now all items are stored in archival boxes in two rooms on the second floor of the Klaude Kendrick Library. The archivist has organized the items according to type and size, and has also made available various finding aids to make access easy for visitors. More information, including these finding aids, is available upon request.

Special Services

Requests for photos and other information are filled on a case-by-case basis depending on copyright restrictions. However, Shirley Shedd is usually more than willing to email picture files or fax information as needed to the press or individual researchers. When extensive research is needed, it is recommended that the researcher visit Evangel University in person.

The credit line, "Used by permission of Evangel University Archives" should appear with published photographs, along with appropriate credits in bibliographies, forewords or introductions. Copies of publications that include information from the Evangel University Archives are also appreciated.