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  • Christian Examiner established in 1983 this is the largest regional Christian newspaper group.
  • Documents in the News
    University of Michigan’s current events research a specialized “site for background documents and editorials that enhance comprehension of the news"
  • "Excite News" is updated intermitantly during the day.
  • Gebbie Press - All-in-One Media Directory
  • Lexis-Nexis: US Politics & World News Latest news from over 4,000 U.S. and International news sources.
  • Newslink has "18,000 free media links" and is a comprehensive, worldwide news resource.
  • It provides links to newspapers from U.S., international, business, religious, college, and specialty publishers.
  • Online
    "World's largest listing of online newspapers" (over10,000) arranged by continents and alphabetically. It is maintained by the Web Wombat Portal Directory from Australia
  • World Newspapers "offers above-average representation of electronic newspapers and news sources from around the world."

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