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General Housing Information

  • All students must complete the housing form (student portal link), even those not returning.
  • All resident students must select a meal plan, except for student teachers and nursing sophomores, juniors and seniors. There is no charge to change your meal plan between semesters.
  • Your options:
    • Choose a roommate
    • Have a roommate assigned to you
    • Pay for a private room (must be approved by the Bursar's Office) Note: First time freshmen are not permitted to have private rooms.
  • Students requesting a room change between fall and spring terms must pay a $30 fee at the cashier’s window in Riggs Hall. Take a copy of the receipt to your RD. Change requests will not be processed without receipts.
  • If your room change is approved, you must arrange with your RD to move to your new room before Christmas break.

On and off campus housing policies (public site link)

Room Assignment

  • Rooms will be assigned in the following order:
    1. Staying in the same room
    2. Changing to a different room on the same floor, according to classification
    3. Moving to a different floor, according to classification
    4. Moving to a different hall
  • If two students request the same room, priority will be given according to the date printed on the cashier’s receipt. Room changes will not be made without a $30 receipt.
  • Confirmation emails will be sent to your Evangel email address in mid-November.


All rooms in the residence halls are furnished with hi-low loft units that may be also left separate or configured as bunk beds. Lofting or bunking the beds may enhance the room by expanding its useable floor space in order to more easily add a sofa, TV, stereo system or refrigerator. Roommates will decide together on the configuration and if bunked or lofted, who will occupy the upper and lower beds. Only one bed may be lofted. Outside lofts are not permitted.


All female rooms contain regular, twin-sized mattresses and all male rooms contain extra-long mattresses (extra-tall female students may request extra-long mattresses from the Housing Office). Extra-long mattresses require specially-sized linens, which are sometimes a challenge to find at a reasonable price. Because of this, Evangel offers a Residence Hall Linens Program.

Residence Hall Linens provides an array of custom-sized linens guaranteed to fit and certain to last until graduation. Every year they assist us in our goal to ensure that you arrive with the correct-sized bedding. A great assortment of other residence hall supplies including storage solutions, pillows, extra-long comforters, mattress pads, thermal blankets and much more is also available. Visit Residence Hall Linens to check out all the options. It’s also a very convenient way to be able to coordinate your room with your roommate and suitemates if desired! Note that extra-long sheets sold by Residence Hall Linens also fit regular twin mattresses.