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Student Password Resets

So you've gotten an email informing you that you need to reset your password soon, or you're having trouble logging on to Course Commons, your email, or your Student Portal. Not to worry, you can try resetting your password! 

Please keep in mind that all passwords must meet the following requirements: 

  • It must be at least 17 characters long

 Your new password cannot: 

  • It cannot be the same as any of your last 10 passwords
  • It cannot contain any part of your name
  • It cannot contain any part of your username
  • It cannot be any of your last 10 passwords
  • It cannot be changed more than once per day

 In order to reset your password, you can use one of the options listed below. All of these options will work whether you are on or off campus. 


  1. Go to the following site: 


Please enter the following:

Your Evangel email

Your expired password

A new password

Confirmation of your new password 

Please keep in mind that all passwords must meet the requirements stated above. 

  1. Try to log in to your email using your expired password. You should get a message asking you to change your password before the login process is complete. 
    1. Your email can be accessed using the following link: 




  1. Go to the following site:


 This will require that you enter your Evangel email, and that you have access to the personal email you used to enroll at Evangel. You will receive an email to the personal email we have on file for you with instructions on how to reset your password. 


 If at any point, you experience issues changing your password by following these instructions, please contact the HelpDesk by either calling (417) 865-2815 ext. 4357 or submitting a request studenthelp@evangel.edu.