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Connecting to the Evangel Wi-Fi

The Evangel wi-fi is the main connection for Evangel students, staff and faculty. This is for devices that have a web-browser.

Examples: This is best used for laptops, phones, tablets, and desktops with WiFi.

The steps below are for all students and employees. If, at any point in following these instructions, please feel free to contact us!


Before you Start, be sure the time and date are correct on your computer.

1. To connect, find "Evangel" wireless on your device and connect to it.

2. You will automatically be taken to a login page/popup. Fill in your Username and Password (the same as your EU email) and click 'Join'.

3. Next, you will now need to choose to trust the wireless certificate by choosing 'Continue' or 'Trust' on the Certificate page.

Congratulations, your device is now registered on the Evangel WiFi network and you will not have to go through the above process again!

System Requirements: Windows 7 or newer, OS X 10.9 or newer


If at any point, you experience issues changing your password by following these instructions, please contact the HelpDesk by either calling (417) 865-2815 ext. 4357 or emailing studenthelp@evangel.edu.