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How Can I Connect My Devices to the Wi-Fi?

Problem: I do not know how to get my [AppleTV, Chromecast, FireTV, Roku, or SmartTV] on the new EU WiFi.

Resolution: EU-Other is a network for your devices that can not use the standard "Evangel" WiFi. You will need a Passkey to get your device on to EU-Other.

Obtain a Passkey for EU-Other

  1. To receive a Passkey for the EU-Other network go to the following page and login: https://web.evangel.edu/apps/WirelessPSK/
  2. Go to your device, choose 'EU-Other' in your wireless settings and provide your key from Step 1 for the Passkey.

Congratulations, your streaming device is now on EU WiFi!


  • You can generate up to 5 keys for your devices
  • Once a key is used to a device it can not be used on any other device
  • After the end of each semester, keys will be reset and you will have to register for new keys