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Evangel Self-Service Password Reset (Staff and Faculty)

Evangel has a self-service password reset portal to assist you in resetting your password at anytime, from any browser. Follow the videos below to:

  • 1) setup an alternate contact method (in case you are resetting your password because you can't get into your Evangel email) and
  • 2) To Reset your Password

One-Time Setup

Before being able to use the Self-Service Password Reset, you will need to setup a second location to send the reset information to (since you may not be able to get to your Evangel email account)

Please click the link below.


Click your name in the upper right hand corner and then click Profile. Then click the option to set up your self-service password and follow the instructions. 

How to Reset Your Password

Once you have done the above, you can follow these instructions at any time to reset your password from the site: