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How Do I Get Microsoft Office for free?

You can get Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for free using your student/staff/faculty email account.

1. Go to https://portal.office.com/OLS/MySoftware.aspx

2. Type in your Evangel email address, for example: Doe1111111@evangel.edu.

3. Click Continue

4. Sign in to Office 365 using your Evangel username and password

5. Select "Install now" button.

6. The Office application will begin to download. When finished, run the program and follow the instructions.


  • You DO NOT need a product key. You will activate your Office 365 Pro Plus installation with your Evangel account (username@Evangel.edu) and Evangel password.
  • If you are on Windows 10 and using the Microsoft Edge browser, the portal.office link above may not work for you. Use the Chrome browser provided by Google.

Experiencing an issue downloading or installing Office 365 Pro Plus?

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet and that your computer does not shutdown or hibernate during the installation.
  • General Troubleshooting for Office 365 Pro Plus installation: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2822317