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How to Print Remotely (Using Web Print)

Problem: How can I get print remotely or from a device?


Resolution: By using WebPrint you can send your print job to the cloud and release it at a later point at a printer of your choice.

 This article explains how to have your print job ready for release with the swipe of your prox card. This process applies to devices that can browse websites. This article is not about having a printer actually print the pages of your job remotely.

 PaperCut provides each user access to their account information including web printing. Use your Evangel login information to log in to the following link:


 Click on “Web Print” in the left menu and then “submit a job.”

The first step is a matter of clicking on the button labeled “2. Print Options and Account Selection >”. The “FollowMe” virtual printer is already selected for you (there are no printers to find). 

The second step allows you to enter the number of copies desired and the third step allows you to upload your document. File types are limited to PDFs and Microsoft’s Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

 Be sure to click on the “Upload & Complete >” button and you will see your job’s status and cost.

 Go to a printer with PaperCut installed* to release the job. Login manually or use your prox card. Select “Release Print” from the menu screen. All of your queued jobs appear where you can print them all or select each one individually to print.

 Note: Print jobs waiting for release expire in 24 hours.

 The video below is a walkthrough of the Web Print process for students and employees.


 On YouTube, you can watch the Print Release process that is nearly identical to our machines.

 *Machines that do not require prox cards for copies do not have PaperCut installed.