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Access Voice Mail While Off Campus

This article explains how to access voice mail while off campus and other important functions you might need while working remotely.

To access voicemail from off campus, dial 865-2815. When auto attendant answers, dial 6245.

When prompted, dial 9+ your extension number 

To make changes to your default greeting message choose option #7, then #4, then #6. After the standard greeting plays the auto attendant will ask if you want to change it. Press 1 for yes and 2 for no and listen to prompts to change you greeting message.                                                                                                          

For the following: Wait for dial tone after entering forwarding option or follow prompts on display, then hang up.

Call Forwarding – Busy (Ext & Int Source)  **70 + extension, or  9 + phone number, for off campus

Call Forwarding – No Answer (Ext & Int Source)  **71 + extension, or  9 + phone number, for off campus 

Call Forwarding – Follow Me  *80+ extension, or  9 + phone number, for off campus              

Cancel Call Forwarding – Follow Me  *89

Clear All Features    *#*#