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Graduation Preparation Checklist

  • Intent to graduate (Traditional Undergraduate): Students must apply to graduate. All graduates must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA by the end of the Fall semester.
    • Fill out the Intent to Graduate form when you are less than a year away from graduation.
    • Pick up the Application for Graduation from the Records and Registration's Office, fill out the form, and meet with your advisor.
    • Graduation application deadlines are the 1st Friday in October for current December graduates and the 1st Friday of December for all others.
  • Graduation Requirements: Complete all graduation requirements as noted in the catalog and required by your degree.
  • Student Financial Services: If you have a Perkins or Stafford loan, you must complete exit counseling. For questions or concerns regarding your Federal Perkins Loan, contact Betsy Martin at 1-417-865-2815, ext. 7422 (Fax: 417-575-5478) or email. Complete the Federal Direct Loan Exit Counseling online.
  • Cap and Gowns: Your Application for Graduation collects your size requirements. The Records and Registration's Office orders your cap and gown once your application is received and approved. You may pick up your cap and gown in the bookstore the week of graduation or in the Adult & Graduate Studies Office for degree completion and graduate students. The cost is included in your graduation fee.
  • Graduation Fee: Once you file for graduation, a $100 fee is charged to your account. This fee includes the cost for your cap and gown, diploma and diploma cover.
  • Graduation Program Verification: Stop by the Records and Registration's Office after March 1 to verify your information that will print in the graduation program. The deadline to verify has passed for 2011.
  • Announcements (Optional): Order your announcements from Herff Jones.