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CLEP Exams

Evangel administers the CLEP exams to current and accepted Evangel students. Testing dates are scheduled by us. Credits are granted for scores of 50 or higher. CLEP credit is given only in areas where college course work has not yet been taken. Students cannot receive double credit by taking the course in addition to the CLEP exam.

There are two divisions of CLEP exams. The General CLEP exams must be taken prior to the completion of 56 college credits. The Subject CLEP exams do not have a credit limitation.

Exam Fee: The cost is $90 per exam.

Students wishing to transfer CLEP credit to Evangel must have obtained a score of 50 or higher, and submit the score(s) to Evangel University.

CLEP Tests at EU

General exams must be taken before the end of the sophomore year (completion of 56 hours). Subject exams may be taken anytime during the college career. A student may take only two exams per test date.

General CLEP Tests at Evangel
ExamEvangel EquivalentClass TitleHours
College Composition ENGL 111 Composition 3
Humanities HUMN 199 Humanities Elective 2
ENGL 123 Intro to Literature 3
College Mathematics MATH 122 Basic Concepts Algebra 3
MATH 124 Intermediate Algebra 3
Natural Sciences GSCI 115 Physical Science 3
BIOL 101 Biological Science 3
Social Sciences/History SOCI 199 Sociology Elective 3
HIST 111 American History I 3
Subject CLEP Tests at Evangel
ExamEvangel EquivalentClass TitleHours
American Government GOVT 170 Intro to American Govt 3
American Literature ENGL 199 Literature Elective 3
Analysis & Interpretation of Literature* ENGL 199 English Elective 3
Calculus with Elementary Functions MATH 231 Calculus I 4
College Algebra MATH 129 College Algebra 3
College French FREN 115, 116 Elementary French 8
  FREN 215, 216 Intermediate French 6
College Level German GRMN 115, 116 Elementary German 8
College Level Spanish SPAN 115, 116 Elementary Spanish 8
215, 216 Intermediate Spanish 6    
English Literature ENGL 311 English Lit Survey I 3
General Biology BIOL 101 Biological Science 3
General Chemistry CHEM 113 Intro to Chemistry 3
History of the United States I HIST 111 American History I 3
History of the United States II HIST 112 American History Ii 3
Human Growth and Development PSCY 237 Lifespan Humn Growth 3
Information Systems/Computer Apps CPSC 101 Intro to Persnl Comp 3
Introduction to Educational Psychology EDUC 199 Education Elective 3
Introductory Business Law MGMT 331 Business Law I 3
Introductory Psychology PSYC 112 Intro to Psychology 3
Introductory Sociology SOCI 111 Intro to Sociology 3
Pre-Calculus MATH 129 College Algebra & Trigonometry 3
Principles of Accounting ACCT 231 Prin of Accounting 3
Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 212 Prin of Macroecon 3
Principles of Management MGMT 235 Orgnztnl Design Mgmt 3
Principles of Marketing MRKT 239 Prin of Marketing 3
Principles of Microeconomics ECON 213 Prin of Microecon 3
Western Civilization I HIST 199 History Elective 3
Western Civilization II HIST 199 History Elective 3

* Does not meet the Literature requirement.