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Writing Proficiency/Step-Up Exam Dates, Information, and Sign-Up Links Fall 18

Dates and Times for the Writing Proficiency/Step-Up Exam FA2018:

Fall 2018

November 12-15: Sign-up deadline November 8 at 4:30 p.m.

 Monday, November 12:



Tuesday, November 13:


Wednesday, November 14:


Thursday, November 15:


Students with diagnosed learning needs to take in the Testing Center: Click here for instructions

*STEP-UP students are those with no previous composition course work and an ACT English score of 24-25, (R)SAT W/L 31-32, or the pre-2016 SAT Writing score of 550-580. They must complete the requirement within their first semester to be eligible for the STEP-UP option.

Students in various majors must pass this exam in order to move forward in their selected program. Check with your adviser for more information.